Own data network

Arsys is one of the few Internet providers that has its own redundant Communications Network, housed in the Arsys Data Centre.

With presence in different neutral points through our network, more than 50 million emails and millions of web page visits circulate each day.


WAN structure

Arsys' IP network is an Autonomous System registered in the RIPE (AS20718), so it has its own range of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Arsys manages its own routers with the BGP4 and BGP4+ protocol, allowing it to connect its network of servers to multiple operators through different physical lines.

Arsys' infrastructure consists of two OC-192/SDH-64 DWDM 10Gbps fibre optic backbones. These links are fully redundant and simultaneously active, connecting Arsys' network with different Internet nodes.

Arsys supervises the network's performance from its NOC (Network Operations Centre). Arsys can establish peering connections with neutral Internet exchange points and ensure the availability of its network infrastructure 24/7, 365 days a year, allowing us to meet the quality of service requirements that ever Internet service provider should offer.

LAN structure

The local area network of the Arsys Data Centre consists of routers, switches, firewalls and intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS), all redundant and ensuring the safety and availability of services.

There are several levels in the LAN network:

Core Level

It consists of:

  • 10G Switches/Routers

    with a total switching capacity of 1.6 Tbps, and a packet latency of just 9 microseconds, our system offers the highest capacity for 64-byte packets and the fastest packet processing speed available from Ethernet switching platforms on the market.

  • Firewalls

    Latest-generation firewalls capable of handling millions of concurrent sessions and traffic in excess of 10Gbps.

  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS)

    which analyse traffic for patterns in malicious behaviour. These systems detect possible attacks and then alert us, helping us to significantly prevent network risks and ensuring the system and network infrastructure operates with maximum availability and security.

Aggregation/Distribution Level

It consists of switches and routers that connect all the servershoused in the Data Centre.