The core of a great project

The main Data Centre occupies a total area of 6,000 m 2 , distributed between server space (technical rooms), availability systems (power supply, environmental control, connectivity, logical security, monitoring...) and logistics (storage, sending and reception of goods…).

The raised floor available for servers covers 1,000 m 2 , distributed in four independent technical rooms, 250 m 2 each, with a maximum capacity of up to 15,000 servers. This modular design allows:

  • A progressive growth of the raised floor for servers and availability systems so this infrastructure can therefore be adapted to our clients' needs.
  • It also means servers can be installed with different security and availability settings, depending on the service levels required by each client for their Internet project.

From our Data Centre's High Availability Centre (HAC), the Arsys team monitors the status of the servers, communication lines, services, etc. 24/7, as well as the activation of the necessary protocols in the event of any kind of incident: electrical, computing, excess traffic, perimeter security...

The main Data Centre occupies a total area of 6,000 m2These facilities are innovative in their construction, since they are based on the "Invest As You Grow" model, which lets you adjust and adapt the infrastructure as the company grows. This ensures that the company's financial investment is adapted to the demand for Internet services, the economic situation and the pace of development of the Knowledge-based Society.

Power Utilization Effectiveness (PUE) rating of "Excellent"

To improve its energy efficiency, the Arsys Data Centre incorporates measures such as:

  • An architectural design that takes full advantage of external conditions. Cutting-edge insulation ensures maximum thermal stability and increases the efficiency of environmental control systems.
  • Systems that take full advantage of external conditions to cool the water-cooled environmental control system by using cooling towers.
  • Water-cooled environmental control system with cooling towers, which help the system to cool the water.
Energy efficiency