The personalized management

We can offer you any tailored service, making it completely personalized and adapted to any need:

Web, email, streaming, databases, applications, operating systems, etc.

Administration Levels

Completely managed by Arsys

Delegate the management of your entire platform so you can focus on your business instead of on the technology.

Shared administration

We share the service administration with you. You tell us what you want to control and what you prefer us to control.

Management controlled by you

You control everything; you are responsible for managing the servers, operating systems, security, applications... and Arsys advises you in these areas with technical support.

The widest range of managed services

We offer the widest range of professional services that can be tailored to meet your projects' most complex and specific needs

  • Software Administration

    We have a wide range of technologies to cover the needs of any project.

    Operating Systems

    We aim to ensure all your servers run smoothly, improving performance and keeping them completely up-to-date. Included tasks:

    • OS installation and configuration
    • Maintenance tasks
    • Monitoring
    • Updates and patches
    • Performance improvements


    Delegate your database management to Arsys' technical experts. Stand-alone environments, clusters, MySQL, SQL Server, etc. Included tasks:

    • Database installation and configuration
    • Migration and consolidation
    • Monitoring and alert management
    • Updates and patches
    • Tuning and performance improvements


    We can install any type of application on your server (Tomcat, SharePoint, Joomla, Moodle, CRM, etc.). Included tasks:

    • Application installation and configuration
    • Applications as a service
    • Consolidation of environments
    • Updates and patches
    • Tuning and performance improvements
  • Connectivity

    Multiple options for the communication environment to ensure the best connectivity for your projects. Depending on your environment and needs, we can offer:

    Virtual Private Network (VPN)

    This network technology allows you to create an extension of your offices in the Data Centre, merging them into a single Virtual Private Network. This means that any authorised user (staff, clients, providers...) will have seamless access to the IT systems and applications.

    We also offer solutions for creating a network of people on the move, with laptops, tablets, PDAs, allowing users to connect to the information they need whenever they want.

    We offer specific solutions for each project, particularly MPLS VPN technology, among other prestigious technologies such as SSL VPN and IPSec VPN.

    Communication lines

    We offer a wide variety of access solutions allowing you to connect all your offices to the Internet, through different technologies depending on your requirements (fibre optic, point-to-point connections, LMDS, xDSL technologies).

    Load balancing

    By using different technologies (shared load balancers, client dedicated load balancers, etc.) we can increase the availability and capacity of our servers and improve response times.

    Content Distribution Network (CDN)

    This type of service makes it possible to distribute, over the Internet, content that requires high bandwidth and/or a large number of concurrent connections.

  • Security

    Security is the basis for the success of any project. No one can guarantee a 100% secure environment, but what we can do is to produce a map of potential risks and design barriers to help us reduce them as best we can by means of the following solutions:

    Malware Control

    Service of server protection against Malware (Malicious Software) combining different technologies (anti-virus, firewall and intrusion prevention). This service can protect your systems and files against threats from viruses, spyware, bots, worms, trojans, buffer-overflow attacks (targeted at vulnerabilities in Microsoft applications) and blended attacks.

    The service detects and deletes malware in real-time, minimising the impact on the server's performance. At the same time, it protects against spam, phishing attacks, malicious websites and other threats that often get past the most common anti-virus and URL filtering systems.

    Vulnerability Management

    This service offers fast, accurate, detailed information about your server's vulnerabilities. The solution helps you to always be ready to face the ever-evolving threats and new vulnerabilities concerning your system.

    The solution manages the periodic analysis of potential vulnerabilities in your systems and their seriousness and importance. It then generates a report allowing you to focus your attention to where it’s most needed or delegate this vulnerability management and resolution task to our technical staff.

    Code Test

    Analysis and detection of code vulnerabilities that can't be controlled by standard perimeter protection systems: code injection, cross-site scripting... We also provide consulting services to identify the most appropriate solutions.

    Firewall and IDS/IPS Management

    Tailored perimeter security solutions: delegate the management and configuration of your systems to our experts, including netwotk level and application layer firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, etc. and protect your systems from malicious traffic...

    Compliance Analysis

    Bolstered by our experience, you will receive the help you need to help you comply with the most common good practice and security standards such as PCI, ITIL, LOPD (Spanish Personal Data Protection Law) and Microsoft.

    Forensic Analysis

    The study methodology used by our technicians for the post-incident analysis, trying to reconstruct how the system was penetrated while assessing the damage that was caused.

    Database Audit

    We analyse the databases of your applications, letting you know of potential vulnerabilities and making recommendations for you to ensure their correct and secure operation.

    Other security solutions

    Any service you ask for may also be added to this range of solutions, from SSL security certificates to the management of your office security or business continuity with Disaster Recovery Services, etc.

  • Storage

    Fully flexible solutions to suit a wide variety of use cases, scenarios and architectures.

    In a physical disk array

    From any of the solution platforms you have access to storage services that can be adapted to any project.

    The storage performance and capacity are guaranteed in both shared disk arrays and dedicated disk array.

    The service adapts to your requirements in terms of disk technologies (SATA, FC), performance levels (RAID, IOPS, latencies) and access protocols (FC, ISCSI, NFS, CIFS, FTP, etc.).

    In the Cloud - CloudStorage

    The service adapts to your requirements in terms of space, data transfer and the user's needs, offering complete access to data from any device, anywhere.

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  • Backup

    This remote backup solution, not only makes it easier to manage the storage of your company's data and protect it; it also guarantees its security.

    We can provide both disk backup and tape backup, which can be used together, depending on your business' needs as well as factors such as the size of the copies and restore time.

  • Corporate Email

    If you're looking for a corporate email solution that allows you to have all your information, and that of other users in your organisation, always available, wherever you are, Exchange is the solution.

    What's more, if you also need POP/IMAP accounts, with Arsys' Hybrid Email, unique in Europe, you'll be able to have, both Standard and Exchange mailboxes under the same domain. So you'll be able to give each user the type of email they need, meaning you save money and improve productivity.

    Advantages of Exchange email:

    Having information in real-time

    Desde cualquiera de las plataformas de soluciones se tiene acceso a servicios de almacenamiento adaptables a cualquier proyecto.

    • Up-to-date shared calendars among all the company's employees.
    • Contact, meeting and appointment updates.
    • Simultaneously search for information in the calendar, emails, folders, contacts and tasks.
    • Team collaboration.

    Work from any device, anywhere

    • Push Email to know when you receive an email immediately, saving on mobile Internet connections.
    • ActiveSync to connect from your laptop, desktop computer, BlackBerry, mobile phone, Pocket PC, PDA, SmartPhone...
    • All synchronised with Microsoft Office Outlook and Outlook Web Access (OWA).

    Advanced security

    • Advanced anti-virus/anti-spam filter to prevent viruses and spam in your email.
    • Anti-spam barriers to stop emails from blacklisted servers.
    • SSL encryption to ensure the privacy of your messages.
    • Remote wipe with ActiveSync to configure your mobile device to erase all your data if it's stolen.
  • Virtual desktops

    Host your company's computers virtually, meaning you'll never need to worry about your equipments' performance.

    With CloudPC you can determine the configuration for computers ofdifferent departments, adapting it to the individual needs within your business. By being in the Cloud, you'll be able to update the resources whenever you need, saving on maintenance and update costs.

    Your company PCs will always be custom designed to ensure optimal performance from the programs required for each job (programmers, designers, administrators…). Also, you'll be able to create virtual appliances for different profiles so whenever you add a new PC it can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

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  • Critical Sites

    Our critical sites management service is specially designed for projects requiring maximum availability and security. Error anticipation, security improvements, redundancy, load control, preventive monitoring, etc., allow us to guarantee very high levels of service.

    Our pre-sales team will help you design this type of platform, analysing your requirements and the different possibilities and scenarios.

    The aim is to take advantage of new cloud technologies to guarantee business activity at all times.

  • Disaster Recovery Services

    We'll help you design a business continuity plan, with detailed and coordinated actions so if your business experiences a service disruption, minimal losses are incurred, not only in terms of data and information but also financially.

    The aim is to recover the service in a matter of minutes, making it possible to quickly resume business activity.

    This plan includes crisis management, business processes and procedures, and work area management, simplifying and automating backup and restoration processes in different environments.