Company Information

Business name

Arsys Internet S.L.

Tax ID


Business address

C/ Chile nº 54, 26007, Logroño (La Rioja), Spain


Tel: +34 902 27 79 77


Company registry inscription details

Arsys Internet, S.L., Limited Liability Company established in Madrid in 2007, by Public Deed number 1.717, in the presence of Notary Mr. Ignacio Martínez-Echevarría y Ortega, of the Ilustre Colegio in Madrid, inscribed in the Trade Registry of La Rioja, in Volume 681, Book 0, Page 129, Section 8, Page LO-12326.

Administrative authorisation for the development of business activities

Operator inscribed in the Registry of Network and Electronic Communication Services Operators of the Commission for the Telecommunications Market (CMT), as an owner authorised for the exploitation of a fixed public electronic communications network (01/10/2008), to render electronic communications services as an Internet access provider (01/10/2008) and to provide services of local area network interconnection (30/03/2011).


In line with the requirements of applicable law, makes the acceptable use policy of their website available to you as well as the personal data protection policy which are applicable for services rendered and customer relations: