Meets all your needs

Do you manage large volumes of data?
Do you need to store critical data with maximum guarantees of security?

Our CloudStorage solution allows you high volumes of data storage at a low price and pay per use. Thanks to its flexible platform encompasses a wide variety of use cases from business sectors.

Sectors for which CloudStorage is recommended


Large volumes of sensitive information need to be stored for long periods of time in order to comply with current legislation.

Financial services

They need a flexible storage and file protection system, in order to maximize their use of office space and minimize costs.

Public administration

To adapt to the specific needs of public bodies, they need to store a large amount of critical information only accessible to authorised personnel while minimising costs.


They seek to preserve and protect original sound and film recordings. These files are very large, so they require high levels of storage and upload capabilities.

ISV and online businesses

ISV and online businesses are sectors that are constantly growing and needs time-to-market, without upfront investments.