and my data?

Security: our priority

Your information is the most important. Therefore, in Arsys find the most effective security systems to protect your critical data.

The most innovative safety measures, most efficient security systems, high availability and the Arsys commitment (SLA) ensure the integrity and stability of our hosted services in our Data Centres.

A professional team is responsible for their maintenance and security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.

Safety measures of our Data Centres

Fire Protection

Arsys has ion and laser detectors as well as an inert gas extinguishing system.

Isolated rooms

The enclosure of our facilities structure makes both thermal stability and fire protection possible.

High availability

All systems and network elements are redundant to prevent system failures and interruptions in service.

Restricted access

Only authorised Arsys personnel can access the Data Centres previous magnetic card control and password. All activity in the building is monitored by CCTV and a general alarm system.

Logical security

Routers, switches, firewalls and intrusion detection and prevention, guarantee the integrity of the data stored in our Data Centres.

Safe communications

The Arsys network is an Autonomous System registered in the RIPE database (AS20718), which exchanges more than 250 peers to ensure the best latencies and response times.

Infrastructure Control System

Our facilities are equipped with SCADA supervision, SAI, Chillers, CRAC, generators...

Location of our Data Centres and applicable legislation

Compliance with regulations

Our Data Centres are located in Spain, which ensures compliance with the Spanish legislation on the protection of personal data and, specifically, the measures required by the LOPD (Spanish Personal Data Protection Law) and its regulations.

Maximum security measures

Arsys ensures maximum protection of the data stored on your servers, as well as its confidentiality and storage encryption (optional service). By choosing Arsys, you'll avoid the risks of using services from outside Spain, subject to other legislation with a lower level of data protection, which could give rise to civil liability for breach of the applicable law.

Security guaranteed by recognized experts

International Security Certification 27001:2005

This certification endorses activities related to the security of all data management processes performed in our Data Centres.

Quality Certificate

This certification endorses our work procedures with clients and suppliers, as well as the development of new services.