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Flexible billing

In CloudBuilder you only pay for the hours of use of the different resources. You can get disccount in these prices if you stablish the initial resources you are going you need and the level of commitment (monthly or annual).

Standard Server Pay per use Monthly rate Annual rate
Server 2 cent/hour 1.39 cents/hour €10 /month 1.27 cents/hour €109.92 /year
CPU (vCPU) 2 cents/hour 1.39 cents/hour €10 /month 1.27 cents/hour €109.92 /year
RAM (GB) 2 cents/hour 1.39 cents/hour €10 /month 1.27 cents/hour €109.92 /year
RAID Hard Drive (GB) 0.04 cents/hour 0.028 cents/hour 20 cents/month 0.025 cents/hour €2.16 /year
Unlimited bandwidth
(upload & download)

Would you like to estimate the cost of your CloudBuilder Platform?

With our calculator you can estimate the cost of your project within a Cloud solution, to compare it with the cost of traditional platforms.

vCPU: 1
RAID Hard Drive (GB): 50
RAM (GB): 0.5
Number of servers: 1
Pay per use:
Monthly term price:
Annual term price:

Also from your CloudBuilder, you'll be able to configure high performance servers up to 8vCPU, 128 GB of RAM and 2,000 GB of disk space, upgrade your disk service level, add shared storage, choose from more than 90 server configuration appliances and integrate your own design appliances, backups, VPN, etc.

* Prices do not include VAT